Walt Weiskopf is a jazz saxophonist/composer who recently released a new album, European Quartet. This beautiful record features seven new tracks, including opening number “Kma.” The latter immediately ignites the listener’s heart and mind with energy, due to its uplifting and energizing tempo.

In spite of the energetic performance, Weiskopf and his band managed to retain a classy, smooth and sophisticated tone, which adds plenty of elegance to the mix. This album is filled with awe-inspiring performances and high-quality recordings. One of my favorite songs on this set list is definitely “See the Pyramid”, a dazzling track that showcases his versatility, and his ability to combine immediate melodies with complex arrangements and great rhythm ideas. “Gates of Madrid” is also worthy of a very special mention, particularly due to its moody and timeless arrangements. I am always in love with anything in 5/4, and this song hits the mark with a hypnotic and dynamic tempo signature.

All in all, European Quartet is an excellent record, which sports stellar production and a fantastic tone with loads of attitude.