George W. Harris | Jazz Weekly

Big toned tenor saxist Walt Weiskopf sounds like a Prestige-era John Coltrane on this hard bopping session with Carl Winther/p, Andreas Lang/b and Anders Mogensen/dr on this collection of originals and a couple covers.

Weiskopf’s delivery has an urgency and fire that charges forward on the heavy pulsating groove of “Entebbe” while looming up and down in dynamics to Mogensen’ smallest on “Oceans.” The team is searing through pieces like “ Coat Of Arms” but can also be reflective as Winther is soulful on “Russian Roulette.” A tune from ‘Trane’s early years, “Soultrane” is a lovely ballad with Lang in conversation, and the mid tempo Quincy Jones tune “The Pawnbroker” is a mid tempo optimistic affair.

The band flexes the muscles throughout on this hard bopper of a winner.